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As a former athlete and competitive bodybuilder I made my way into the fitness world bright eyed and naive to the inner workings of the industry. For years I tried to climb to the top by doing what I thought were "all the right things" to earn my place. The intense dieting and lifting regimine, financial strain, and politics finally caught up to me, and I left the sport for good in 2014. With my self image fractured and in poor mental health, I decided to embark on a journey of inner healing, not sure where it would take me. I swore to be vulnerable and transparent and truly connect to those who wanted to follow along. Without knowing, I built a community of likeminded people who were ready to take the leap with me. I built Brick Haus Body as a safe place to talk about the unspoken truths around "health and fitness" and gained a tribe of women who were on a similar path to owning and loving who they were physically and mentally.


I launched my second baby, Prive Sunless in 2018 after 15 years in the sunless tanning industry. After years of doing freelance spray tanning I took a leap of faith and went into R&D to create an all natural, clear self-tan mousse for sensitive skin. Getting to merge my self-tanning knowledge with my two passions, business and brand development has been an amazing learning lesson and I continue to be amazed by the responses I receive from women around the world in how the product changed the way they look at their skin and their bodies.


I decided to share my struggle with Breast Implant Illness in April of 2019. 

Being open about my skin issues has allowed me to heal deep wounds while opening conversation for others to share their stories and connect on a more profound level, one I could have only dreamed of.


All due to the power of social media and people's willingness to be vulnerable and real. Something our culture is in desperate need of. 

It is such a blessing to be a part of a movement where women are becoming more empowered to be their authentic selves, to show up in the world and say "Here I am!"

I am determined to use my voice and my story to influence our generation into creating more wholehearted, open and honest lives.  Love is ALWAYS the answer.





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